As it is the 29th Stress Awareness Month, DecorAll feel it is important to highlight the part we play in ensuring our mental health is just as well as our physical wellbeing.

According to, over 74% of the UK adult population have confessed to feeling unable to cope over the last 12 months of the Covid19 pandemic.

Our employees wellbeing has always been paramount to us and with the events of the last year affecting everyone in some way or another, taking care of our employees is more important than ever.

Our staff undertake various training throughout the calendar year to ensure they are aware of what support we have to offer them should their mental health start to suffer. With the construction industry being labelled as a ‘high risk’ sector for colleague stress, it is vital we take every step to engage and connect with our team, especially as stress is linked to many physical health problems.

Please, if you ever feel stressed or unable to cope, reach out to someone to talk to.